Some examples of websites that I have developed are shown below. I have experience with "hand coding" sites from the ground up utilising PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML. I also have skills in utilising Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress.

Example "hand coded" website

Click to see this site. Tobin Electrical Components
This site is an online catalogue containing information on over 10000 items from the company's extensive product range.

The product information shown on the site is automatically extracted (using ODBC) from their inventory system using software that I developed. The website is delivered using PHP scripts which query an online XML product database, which is extracted from the company's main inventory system and automatically uploaded to the web server each evening. Non-technical staff can easily maintain product the information shown on the site using custom-written software (which I developed using Microsoft Access, ODBC, SQL & VBA).

Examples of websites developed using Content Management Systems

Websites developed using WordPress:

Click to see this site. Chris Okunbor
"Chris O" is a solo blues musician based in Tasmania. I set up the site's template and trained Chris to enable her to keep the site maintained herself, updating it with her latest recordings (she's quite prolific) and performance details. The website includes embedded music content hosted on Chris' SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages.
Click to see this site. Lawson Amateur Swimming Club
The website for Lawson Amateur Swimming Club is created using WordPress and Elementor. I utilised my skills with CSS to improve the overall aesthetics of the site compared to the default "out of the box" configuration that was provided by the theme.
Click to see this site. Rainsong Music Coaching
I provided technical guidance to Lorraine Vogel to assist her with building a website for her music coaching business. I helped Lorraine with preparation of graphics for the website, customised the WordPress "Twenty Seventeen" theme to her requirements and mentored her through the process of maintaining the site's content herself.

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